The mission of the African American History and Culture Showcase (AAHCS) is to provide:

  • an annual  event that commemorates the important role African Americans have played in American history and to celebrate the cultural contributions they have made to the world.  
  • a factual event that uses "real people, real objects and real stories" to accurately present important eras and extraordinary achievements or events pertaining to the African American experience.  Facts properly set forth will speak for themselves.
  • an enlightening event that revives vital history that has been buried, overlooked and forgotten.
  • an entertaining event that features the creative contributions of African American artists, writers and performers to world culture.
  • a "FREE" event that welcomes everyone interested in learning about "our true story" regardless of their financial circumstances.


The African American History and Culture Showcase (AAHCS) features a diverse mix of compelling, informative, inspirational, exhibits and activities that encourage interactive engagement.   This includes private exhibits that have never been shown in museums, living legend history makers, documentary films, historical reenactments, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, visual artists and crafters, poetry readings, theatrical performances and historical musical concerts.  The AAHCS provides an authentic, emotional and connective experience like no other.